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(from left to right) Johnny, Pinky, Chad
Johnny and Pinky are a young punk couple, squatting the upstairs of a closed factory. They are penniless and the building is dilapidated but they live quite happily because they love each other and have dreams. Jonhny's dream is a success of his band "the Simz" and Pinky is a would-be actress. Johnny's bandmate Chad is living together with them.

As you may know, rock music is my main concern and I always looking for "rock" skins. However my taste of music seems to be a bit different from Sim skinners. :-) (No Limp Bizkit please!) So I ended up in punk skins.
Johnny's head - Sim-Bolix, skin - Sim Revolutions
Pinky's head - Head Over Heels, skin - Missie's World
(Pinky's skin in the game photos - Sim Revolutions)
Chad's head - Sucaroap's, skin - Sims GoGoGo
They only use upstairs and the ground floor is empty.
Let's visit their house.

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