Jiman; (Japanese noun) boast, brag

Welcome to Sim Jiman! As this title says the main purpose of this site is to show off the unique and beautiful theme houses and interiors I designed for The Sims1. Some of newer houses are downloadable.

Great many thanks to all the great object makers and skinners for beautiful objects and skins. Most of them are listed on the links page. (Sorry it is in Japanese and many of the links are rather outdated.)



Castle Britannia
Junko's House Catalogue

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English pages are still under construction. The houses with an icon are English pages. Many of the links may bring you to Japanese pages. (There are more than 200 pages and I can't translate them in a day!) But you can at least see the pix, though the layout of Japanese pages may look terrible. Sorry. :-)

Neighbourhood Lots

Lot1 Junko's Dream House
Lot1 Garden House
New! Lot2 Castle Britannia
Lot2 Sheik's Palace
Lot2 Cedar House (My old house)
Lot2 Goth Mansion
Lot2 Oriental Manor
Lot2 Richmen's Home
Lot3 221b Baker Street
Lot3 Country House
Lot3 SimCity Architect LLC.
Lot4 Sim School
Lot4 Moroccan Cottage
Lot5 Granny's House
Lot5 Sim Falls Lookout
Lot6 Christmas House
Lot6 Matrix House
Lot6 Sim Prison
Lot7 The Glass House 
Lot7 Winter Wonderland
Lot8 The Tree House
Lot8 The Blue Lagoon
Lot9 Poorman's Home
Lot9 Japanese Middle Class Home
Lot10 African House
Lot10 Men in Black's
Lot10 Four-Leaf Clover House


Lot24 Club Noir
Lot25 Christmas Mall

Vacation Island

Lot40 Clear Lake Lodge
Lot41 Japanese Bath Hotel
Lot43 Grove Inn 
Lot48 Hotel Strand
Lot48 Oasis Bungalows

Old Town

Lot67 Squatter Haven
Lot69 House of Felidae
Lot73 Park Restaurants
Lot77 Minimalism House
Lot77 Stray Pets' Haven

Magic Town

Lot91 Witch's Den

Japanese Pages

Sorry but pages below are all in Japanese.

Junko's Sim Diary
Tips for Sim Architects
Tips for Collecting Objects 
Junko's Interior Design Tips
Download Q&A for beginners
Useless Q&A
How to use Yahoo! Groups
Hacked Objects
Sim Junko's Magic Diary
Wish List
How I improved the conditions of the Hicks
Abusing Sims

Photo Pages

The texts are in Japanese but the contents of these pages are mostly photos.
The Sims Career Skins Catalogue
Sim Pets (Just pictures of pets.)
The Sims Twilight Zone (Strange pictures)
Now And Then of Sim Jiman (How I made a progress since I started.)
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