Lot 10
Sim Falls Lookout
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Architect's Note
I've mostly concentrated on interiors and neglected outdoors so far. However it's always been my dream to build a natural landscape. All I needed was some landscaping object that could be the focus of the whole lot and gives me an inspiration.
So I cried eureka! when I found this.

Picture above is by Scorpiokid, taken by permission from Neighborhood99 forum.
This is a waterfall set by Scorpiokid. In his picture, the waterfall was on the beach but I thought it will look good in the depths of the mountains too. Voila! Here's my waterfall!
As you can see, I nicked the main idea from Scorpiokid but it looks nice too, isn't it?
This lot is a sight-seeing resort and there's no resident. So I sent Sim Junko (my alter ego in the Sims) to visit.
waterfall, stairs, rockwalls, wallpapers, floors - Scorpiokid (Neighborhood99)
hillside trees - Bunny Wuffles Architectural Supplies
trees, shrubs, flowers, rocks, groundcovers, floors - Persimmon Grove, Gardening Sims
Let's go sightseeing tour!
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lot5, furnished

Please see each photo for shopping lists. I'm afraid many are still missing. Sorry. As for plants, rocks and groundcovers, I used so many objects that I couldn't name each of them. But all of them are from Persimmon Grove, Gardening Sims, or Lphnts Trunk.

This lot is not designed to be a residential lot. However, you can live here if you install kitchen appliances and a bed. Downstairs of the "plateau " is empty. So you can be a cave dweller if you make a room in it. :-) Lphnts Trunk's bath and shower are intended to be decorative objects and the shower is surrounded by water. Place them where your Sim can use.

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