Lot 3
SimCity Architect LLC.
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Overview / Download
Architect's Note
Welcome to SimCity Architect LLC. This is where Sim Junko (my alter ego in the game) spends her day as an architect...but since it’s a small company of eight employees, she handles some administrative work as well LOL!

This is my first office building. I've collected so many beautiful office objects but I had been reluctant to build an office because:

1)  Sounds boring.
2)  I haven't worked at an office and don't know very well what it should look like.
3)  I'm workshy and hate any workplace. :-)

However, looking from a new angle, I decided to build a dream office for Sim Junko. She's a Sims architect like I am and luckily I have marvellous Architect's Office set by Around The Sims. Thank you Sandy!  Also many thanks to all the object makers and skinners, and to my friend Akiko who helped me with English captions.
The modern facade of this building is created using full wall windows from D-Homes. I added large black and white pillars to give the building a character and to prevent it from looking too plain. However, adding the pillars took away the flat roof and the “square” looks of the building. In order to keep the “square” look of this building, I placed Caro’s transparent floors to the dented places.
exterior walls - Tribecca Sims
exterior floors - Jendea Simitecture
windows - D-Homes
invisible floors - Caro's Sim Cagen
invisible columns - Shiny Things
First Floor Overview: Entrance Lobby, Conference room, and Accounting Dept.
Second Floor Overview: Offices, bathroom and a small lounge area.
Download this house
Furnished (Please see each photo for shopping list.)

Minimum objects to be installed are:

exterior walls - Tribecca Sims (included in zip)
exterior tiles - Jendea Simitecture
windows - D-Homes
front door - Bines Sims Review
invisible floors - - Caro's Sim Kagen
invisible columns - Shiny Things

This lot is not designed to be a residential lot. You need at least a fridge, a bath and beds to live here.
The mailbox and trashcan are moved to back of the building.

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