Minimalism House
Old Town Lot 77
Exterior | Interior
Architect's Note
This is my fourth modern house. It's frustrating for a Sims1 architect that you can't build a house with a flat roof. I know many people are creating roof objects but I haven't used them before because you can't choose the colour of roof and wallpaper. However, I really loved these objects by Reny and build this house.
It's small because too many roof objects will slow down the game.
roof objects, wallpaper - Rensim
windows - Simply Styling
beams - Alta Hardware
Roof Garden
trees, groundcovers - Persimmon Grove
car - Trinkets & Treasures
中の様子はこちら ダウンロードは下
Download this house
Lot 77 (requires Unleashed)
Unfurnished (objects in the pictures not included.)
Shopping list (you have to install these before playing this house.)

"Ren's Summer Concrete & Black Roof Set" (roof objects & wallpaper) Rensim
"Alta Steel Roofing2"(in Build Items section) Alta Hardware
Full glass window from "Fullhouse Set" Simply Styling

To get this view, you have to play by "no roof" mode.

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