Junko's House Catalogue
English pages are still under construction. The houses with an icon are English pages. Many of the links may bring you to Japanese pages. (There are more than 200 pages and I can't translate them in a day!) You can at least see the pix, though the layout of Japanese pages may look terrible. Sorry.

New! lot2
Castle Britannia
This is Lord British's castle. My attempt to build a realistic medieval English castle.

Overview / Download | Exterior | Interior

SimCity Architect LLC.
Overview / Download | Exterior | Interior
This is my first office building. This is where I spend my day as a Sims architect.

Overview / Download | 1st Floor | 2nd Floor

Sim Falls Lookout
This is one of the seven wonders in the Simworld. A landscape lot using the marvellours waterfall set by Scorpiokid.

Overview / Download | Details

lot 10
African House
A house for an African family.

Overview / Download / Residents | Interior
Christmas Lots

lot 6
Christmas House
This is a house where Santa Claus lives.

Overview / Download | Residents | Exterior | Interior

Downtown lot 25
Christmas Mall
And the mall for Chirstmas shopping.

Overview | Shops

lot 2
Sheik's Palace
I'm really into Middle East/Islamic art and architecture, especially walls and floors! So I built this palace for a sheik of Arabia.

Overview / Download | Residents | Exterior
First Floor | Second Floor

lot 3
Country House
This house is my tribute to Sims Interior Designs and Honey Sims. An elegant and cozy English country house.

Overview / Download | Ground Floor | First Floor

Old Town lot67
Squatter Haven
Johnny and Pinky are a young punk couple, squatting the upstairs of a closed factory. They are penniless and the building is dilapidated but they live quite happily because they love each other and have dreams. Jonhny's dream is a success of his band "the Simz" and Pinky is a would-be actress. Johnny's bandmate Chad is living together with them.

Squatters / House | Outdoors | Rooms

Old Town lot73
Park Restaurants
I wanted to build a restaurant in Old Town, because I can't take children and pets to Downtown. Come and visit the best French restaurant in Sim City. There is a reastaurant for kids and pets too.

Overview | Restaurants & Shops 

Down Town lot 24
Club Noir
This building is a fully remodelled and rebuilt version of  Club Pink Flamingos, my old club. I built Club Pink Flamingos on neibourhood lot because it was before Hot Date. Now I moved it to Downtown and gave it a splendour!
Why don't you take your date to the trendiest and the most exclusive club in Sim City?
(This house was inspired by Club Pink Flamingos at TSR but this is my original.)

Overview / Download | 1st Foor | 2nd Floor

New! Minimalism House
Old Town Lot77
A small modern house for a minimalist.

Exterior / DownloadInterior

Vacation Island Lot41
Japanese Bath Hotel
This is my first traditional Japanese spa hotel and you can download this house!
The Japanese are crazy about hot springs and there are so many such hotels in Japan.

Overview / DownloadGround Floor | Baths / Guest Room

Vacation Island Lot48
Oasis Bungalows
It's Chrismas time so you may long for the sun and heat. :-) This is the 4th hotel I have built. A luxurious bungalows located in the middle of a desert, probably somewhere in North Africa. (Ignore the sea and the lakes in the thumbnail. They are mirages.)
Actually the interiors are a mixture of Africa, Arabia, Asia and Europe. So I used Persimmon Grove's Pavilion cos it was inspired by Royal Pavilion in Brighton. :-)
Overview | Bungalows | Saloon

2-1 Junko's Dream House
I liked the Garden House so I decided to move my family to this house. However it's wholly rebuilt and refurnished and became the most refined and comfortable house to live in.

Unfortunately it started to crash the game and I had to delete it. All the photographs are taken during the construction.

Overview | Garden | Ground Floor | 1st Floor

3-1 Garden House
This house was build for a house contest held by Kalen-teki SimP. It's spring and I wanted to build a house full of trees and flowers. I won the second prize!

Overview | House & Gardens | Ground Floor | 1st Floor
Magic Town

Magic Town Lot91
Witch's Den
Deep in the recesses of the forest, a witch and her apprentice (and of course a black cat) live. However she's not a fairytale witch, she is a modern wise woman!

Overview | Outdoors | Ground Floor | 1st Floor
Vacation Island Hotels
All these hotels are supposed to be somewhere in Europe; a beach hotel by the Mediterranean, English country inn & Alpine lodge.
I gave up building American hotels, just because you can only build two storied houses in the Sims. You can't imagine a Las Vegas hotel with only two storeys, can't you? :-) Also I wish I could build a 'ryokan', a traditional Japanese hotel but it's even harder to build.
Anyway, they are the most exclusive hotels in the world, because each of them has only one guest room for one family, that is, mine!

Vacation Island Lot48
Hotel Strand
Now I set my hand to resort development. :-) Here's my first hotel on the beach.

Overview | Lobby | Indoor Accommodation | Outdoor Accommodation | Guest Room

Vacation Island Lot43
Grove Inn
My second hotel is a traditional English country inn. Have a nice holiday at a quiet & cozy inn in the woods!

Overview | Facade | Reception
Eating & Drinking | Outdoors | Guest Rooms

Vacation Island Lot40
Clear Lake Lodge
In winter, please visit Clear Lake Lodge where you can enjoy every outdoor sport and a great view of the large lake!

Overview | Outdoors| Indoors | Guest Rooms

4-5 Granny's House
A nice and cozy European farm house in the mountains. One of my recent favourites.

Exterior | Chicken House | Interior 1 | Interior 2

1-3 221b Baker Street
Of course it's Sherlock Holmes' flat. My attempt to make a true Victorian home. Doesn't it look so real?

Overview | Living-Diningroom | Kitchen/Bathroom | Bedrooms

3-6 Matrix House
Another important work of mine. The house have nothing to do with the film Matrix, only Neo and Trinity (and Eddie Furlong as John Connor) live here.
This is an attempt to build an ultimate modern home. Look at the beautiful interiors!

Overview | Livingroom | Kitchen/Diningroom | Bedroom | Kidsroom | House-Warming Party

3-7 The Glass House
This is another masterpiece. A house all made of glass! (well, almost)
Just take a look at the entrance and see how I adapted Sunair's glass objects.

Part 1 | Part 2

3-2 Cedar House
This is my house. No, of course not my real house but my dream home where my alter ego 'Sim Junko' and her 'friends' live.
As a matter of course, it's the largest and the most luxurious house of all.

History | House | Family | Garden | Pool | Entrance | Diningroom | Kitchen | Livingroom | Bedroom | Bathroom | Study | Kidsroom | Misc Rooms

3-10 Four-Leaf Clover House
Cute little house for a young couple. See the floor plan to know why it's called so.

Ground Floor | 1st Floor

4-2 Richmen's Home
A rich sim's mansion. I don't know if it's realistic cos I don't know many rich people. :-) But they look rich for sure.

Exterior | Ground Floor | 1st Floor

4-69 House of Felidae
A house inspired by a German mystery Felidae, a cat detective story.

3-77 Stray Pets' Haven
Another experimental house to see if pets can live happily without human beings. Again the experiment was a success, with a little help of hacked objects.

2-2 Oriental Manor
The most important work of mine as a Sims architect, I suppose. Look at this gorgeous and elegant building! The interior is designed to be a cross between Japanese and Chinese. But again, no Japanese nor Chinese lives in such a house. :-)

Garden | Ground Floor | 1st Floor

2-7 Winter Wonderland
A house designed as a winter villa for my family (before Vacation).

Ground Floor | 1st Floor

2-8 The Blue Lagoon
A summer house for my family (before Vacation).

1-10 Men in Black's
It's just called so because a man in black (and a woman in black too) live here. The original house was made by Stephanie B. but the interior is fully remodelled and re-furnished as usual.

Ground Floor | 1st Floor

3-4 Moroccan Cottage
A retreat of an old gay writer in north African desert.
I just wanted to build a house using Middle Eastern / African / Islamic wallpapers and objects.

2-9 Poorman's Home
After building too many luxury houses, I couldn't help building the shabbiest house I could imagine. However I'm afraid it still looks better than my home in real life. :-)

2-4 Sim School
A boarding school for Sim children.

2-6 Sim Prison
This is an experimental house to see if the sims who are imprisoned and given the minimum facilities can live happily. The experiment was a success!

3-8 The Tree House
A raised cottage like you see in tropical countries. I picked up the idea from a house at the Sims Resource but the house is my original.

1-2 Goth Mansion
A goth house. The original house was made by Simsylvania but the interior is fully remodelled and re-furnished.

Garden | Ground Floor | 1st Floor

1-9 Japanese Middle Class Home
All the 'Japanese' houses on other sites don't look Japanese at all to me! I tried to create a 'lifelike' house of ordinary Japanese but it ended up as a joke, mainly because it's simply impossible to make a Japanese house in this game. I mean we don't enter a house in shoes and never have a shrine in the yard!

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