Japanese Bath Hotel
Vacation Island Lot 41
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Baths / Guest Room
Architect's Note
Like all Japanese, I'm so Westernized that I've neglected anything old and traditional. However I discovered the beauty of traditional Japanese crafts and buildings while playing the Sims. So I decided to build a traditional Japanese style hotel in Vacation Island.

This is an "Onsen Ryokan", Japanese bath hotel. The Japanese love hot spring so much! And it's our ideal holiday to relax in such a hotel.
(From left to right) restaurant, public bath, lobby, recreation room
(From left to right) toilet, hall, guestroom
Let's check in!
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Shopping List
Build Mode
roof, windows, front door (dark), front gate, doors (light) BNJxLVR
railings (windows) Jendea Simitecture
back door Harukanaru SIM no Nakade
guest room windows (dark), column Harukanaru SIM no Nakade
guest room windows (light) Raveena (The Sims Resource)

pool rug, invisible pool ladder Nighttime Sims
(I replaced them with Maxis ladders.)
rocks Gardening Sims, Persimmon Grove
snowy trees Persimmon Grove
beercases BNJxLVR
sink Brasims

shoes box Gyoiko Sakura
sandals Travels with Buddha
potted plants Parsimonious
wall light Savage Sims
endtable with flower Savage Sims
sofa Elis' Little World (closed)
paintings Pheonix Phaerie (The Sims Resource)
rug Sim Paradise Japon
screen Stacy Gibbs (The Sims Resource)

Dining Room
table Pheonix Phaerie (The Sims Resource)
buffet, dishwasher Sims Extremos
endtable, small screen, sushi bowl BNJxLVR
painting Travels with Buddha
tea set Memsahibs Collection
ceiling light Sim Person Data Club
vases BNJxLVR, Gyoiko Sakura, Livin-It-Up, Tokage Sims, Sims Interior Designs

Game Room
painting Livin-It-Up

Public Bathroom
pool rug, pool edge Real Super Star Sims
curtain Sinu People
bath counter Around the Sims
towels, toiletaries, fountain Sims Interior Designs
mirror Sophisticated Sims
pitcher The Well Dressed Sim
tub, bath chair Harukanaru SIM no Nakade
wooden bucket Scooby Sims
plant Wood For Sims
wall decor Gyoiko Sakura

Guest Room
futon bed BNJxLVR
dining table, chair Sims Interior Design
zabuton seat Swimmerz
coffee table Travels with Buddha
tea set Memsahibs Collection
small table Summery Girl
vases BNJxLVR, Travels with Buddha
paintings Swimmerz, YS Sims, BNJxLVR
ashtray Gyoiko Sakura
pet bed Around the Sims
ceiling light Savage Sims

Private Bathroom
counters Sim Freaks
towel racks Sims Interior Design
towels The Well Dressed Sim
toiletries Around the Sims
draining board Memsahibs Collection

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