Lot 6
Christmas House
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Overview / Download
Architect's Note
This is my third winter house and it's the home of Santa Claus!
I just wanted use Christmas objects I've collected so far. I LOVE Christmas, although I'm not even a Christian. :-) So I decided to build a house for marvellous Santa family from  Sim Brother and a mall for their Christmas shopping!.
roof - unknown
wall - YviMaiDesigns
floors - Killer Sims, Sims Plus
windows - Colorama's Christmas Dreams, Well Dressed Sims
twinkling wall lights - Jendea Simitecture
Please meet the residents here.
Download This House
Lot 6, Unfurnished

Download version is unfurnished and I replaced walls, floors, doors, windows with Maxis objects. So it looks a bit different from the pictures.

Recommended objects to be installed are:

snow roof - Can't remember where I got this roof but any white roof will do.
snow floors - Killer Sims (pay site)
chimney - Atelier Quebec
snowy trees - Sim People and Me
roof object - Colorama's Christmas Dreams
porch set - Jendea Simitecture
fences -  Sims Showcase (currently unavailable)

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