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Castle Britannia

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Overview / Download
Builder's Note
I've always been a fan of knight's tales and medieval fantasy novels. So one of my first buildings was a castle, though it was before Marina and my castle looked rather shabby.
To build a new castle, I tried to make it a realistic medieval English castle, not a fairy tale castle nor fantasy castle.
However, the main obstacle was that Sims lot is too small for a castle. So I had to downsize it a lot. Another problem is that almost everyone who build a castle uses fabulous Marina's build objects and consequently all the castles look much alike. I simply ignored it and intended to show her objects as beautiful as I could.

This is Castle Britannia where Lord British lives. It's because I just wanted to use Castle Simtannia's gorgeous Lord British head and skin.

By the way, this is the version 3. The first version of mine was lost when Windows crashed. The second was cast away when I found Atuhk's addons. But with these wonderful objects and skins, I think I could build a castle I've always dreamed about.

Welcome to Castle Britannia.

Castle Britannia

The main building is the King's residence. Other small buildings are servants' dwellings, armoury, stable and so on.
towers, flags, double windows, corner parapet with lights - Marina's Sims
3rd floor parapets, diagonal walls, diagonal parapets, 2nd floor stairs, 3rd floor floors - Sims Hideout
short and tall parapets - Eisbaers Creations
2 storey trees - Sim Stuff by AuntB
walls & floors - Maxis
This is the back view of the castle.
Now follow me to a guided tour

 Download this castle


Buildings only. Inside the buildings is unfurnished.

Shopping List

towers, flags, windows, corner wall with lights, bridge, torch - Marina's Sims (all in Medieval set)
3rd floor parapets, diagonal walls, diagonal parapets, 2nd floor fake stairs, 3rd floor fake floors - Sims Hideout
parapets (tall and short) - Eisbaers Creations
2 storey trees - Sim Stuff by AuntB
planters - Biedersims
fake door - Sims Interior Designs
stone counter & column - Poetica Place (in Halloween set)
invisible floors - Caro's Sim Kagen
roof - Sorry I can't remember where to find it. The file name is ldenglishgardenroof.bmp but any similar roof will do.

Please note:
SID door is a fake. Sims can't enter the building unless you place another door or invisible door.

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