Lot 10
African House
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Architect's Note
I took interest in ethnic buildings after building Sheik's Palace. However I don't think much of Asian arts and crafts except for Japanese. I just can't stand the garish bright colours of Chinese or Indian.
So I tried to build an African house. I've already tried Moroccan but I wanted to build a traditional central African house with no influence of Islam this time.

However, traditional African houses we imagine are like this, aren't they?
I thought I could build them because I had a thatch roof object that looks exactly like this. But it's too small to house the numerous objects I've collected!
So I ended up building a giant version of this house. Still I stuck to a thatch roof and the round shape. I know it doesn't look real but please feel the atmosphere of Africa.
plants - Persimmon Grove
banyan tree - Middle Earth Sims
Download this house
Lot 10, Unfurnished
roof included

Download version is unfurnished and I replaced walls, floors, doors, windows with Maxis objects. So it looks a bit different from the pictures.
Meet African Family
(From left to right)
Aisha (meaning of the name is "she is life"), Ashanti ("strong African woman"), Akin ("warrior, hero, brave man"), Amir ("prince")
All skins by El Desvan de los Sims
Now let's visit their house.
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